Tree and Shrub Applications


Note for Integrated Pest Management 
Community Green Landscape Group practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is the approach of
managing pests on trees & shrubs by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression of pests with minimal
impact on human health, the environment and non-target organisms. IPM incorporates reasonable measures to
prevent pest problems by properly identifying pests, monitoring populations, and utilizing cultural, physical,
biological or chemical pest population management methods to reduce pests to acceptable levels. Landscape
plantings are inspected regularly for signs of pest problems. When destructive insects appear, appropriate
remedies will be administered to control them.

 Late Winter Dormant Oil

A dormant oil cover spray may be applied to smaller trees, shrubs and groundcovers in the landscape in
late winter to control over-wintering insects and their eggs.

Mid & Late Spring Tree/Shrub Applications

Early spring is the most active time for many destructive insects such as Tent Caterpillars, Leaf Miners,
Cankerworms, etc. Several applications may be required for adequate control.

 Summer Tree/Shrub Application

Summer is an active time for Bagworms, Scale, Webworms and Mites. When observed, appropriate
controls will be applied.