Jeremy Jackson

Business Development Manager


Jeremy’s passion for the landscaping industry started when he began working for local lawn care companies in 1994.  After gaining that experience, he owned and operated his own company for multiple years allowing him to pay his way through Miami University.  Jeremy then went on to work for a large national company for 10 years.  During his time there, he ran mow and enhancement crews for a couple of years before being promoted to Operations Manager.  Jeremy ran operations for 7 years, leading everything from weekly maintenance, spring and fall operations, floral, landscape enhancements, to snow operations.  Jeremy most recently spent the last 16 months managing the landscape division for a smaller Cincinnati based company.  During his time there he was responsible for the day to day operations, account management, and all financial reporting to the services director and business owner.  During Jeremy’s 20+ years of experience he has continued to strive towards getting the customer what they want and need within their budget, while trying to keep the team spirits, quality, and efficiencies high.

“Look for three things in a person- intelligence, energy, and integrity.  If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.”  -W. Buffet

Operations at Community Green

Jeremy works with the sales team to continually open new doors and create new opportunities with existing partners.  He looks to leave no stone unturned in helping existing and potential partners solve their landscape and snow removal needs.  Jeremy works with the sales team to understand the target markets, industries, projects, and which market strategies can be used to attract clients.  He looks to help the sales team cultivate relationships with current partners.  Jeremy follows the latest industry developments and stays up-to-date on the competition, to continually provide partners with the best most cost effective solutions.

 Outside the Office

Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, two boys, and baby girl.  Whether they are playing in the backyard, playing in the park, or hiking in the woods everyone loves being outside!  Jeremy likes hunting, fishing, Reds baseball, and Bengals football.