Seasonal Services & Clean-Up


As the seasons change, so do our services. We offer complete year round care to meet the needs of every customer.

 Spring Cleanup/Bed Edging
Spring cleanup is scheduled between late February and early June. Spring cleanup includes a clean out of
normal winter debris. Normal winter debris is defined as dead wood branches fallen from bushes, trees and
small amounts of leaves blown in from outside areas. It does not include excessive, heavy amounts of leaves
and debris that were not removed from the prior seasons leaf drop. If it is deemed that the debris cleanup falls
outside of normal range, the Property Manager will be notified prior to the clean-up to discuss any additional
costs for debris removal. Following the spring clean-up, planting beds will receive a mechanical or manual
edging to an average 2 inch depth.

 Mulch Installation
High-quality, double-processed mulch will be applied to the planting beds at an average combined mulch depth
of approximately 2 inches. Please note that mulch coloration and the rate of fading will be affected by weather
conditions including wind, rainfall and sunlight exposure. Mulch will not be applied to evergreen Pine trees
which create their own mulch through normal needle drop (exception: beds at entrances, highly visible fronts
and sides of buildings where these plantings are part of the landscaping beds. It is horticulturally beneficial to
these evergreen trees to allow needle drop to remain creating their own natural mulch. Pine trees may be
mulched with supplemental pine straw at additional cost.

 Bed Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Planting beds will receive an application of pre-emergent weed control, applied at the manufacturers
recommended rate. Please note that excessive rainfall amounts, high soil moisture, and the amount of direct
sunlight will impact the effectiveness of the pre-emergent weed control. This service reduces weed growth that
starts after the spring clean-up has been completed.

 Bed Maintenance/Weed Control
Weed control includes chemical and manual weed removal from all regularly maintained landscape beds and
sidewalk surfaces. Weed control in these areas may be achieved through the use of hand weeding, pre-
emergence and post-emergence herbicides.

 Mulch Cultivation
This is typically a summer service to cultivate, loosen and re-spread the existing mulch in the planting beds.

Leaf Removal/Fall Clean-up
Service includes the removal of leaves from the landscape beds, grass and regularly maintained areas of the
property. Leaves may be disposed of on the property or vacuumed into our trucks depending on the
requirements of the property. Leaf removal generally begins at the end of October and will conclude in late
November or early December (weather and seasonal conditions depending).

 General Maintenance
Service to check the drive lanes, parking areas, sidewalks, landscape beds, and grass areas for trash and debris.
The number of services proposed for your property is listed on your Landscape Maintenance Agreement.

Vegetation Control
Non-selective herbicides will be used to prevent/kill undesirable vegetation surrounding building foundations,
guard rails, fire hydrants, dumpsters, driveway and sidewalk joints, gravel and utility areas.