Floral Program


Bed Soil Preparation
Beds where seasonal color flower displays are to be planted will be cultivated by rototilling fertilizer and soil
conditioners into the planting beds.

Early Spring Pansies – March
Spring flowering Pansies will be installed in late March.

 Summer Annuals – May
Summer annual flowers will be installed early to late May (weather dependent).

Fall Displays – October
Fall flower color displays may contain Chrysanthemums, Fall Pansies, decorative Cabbage and/or Kale. Fall
displays are installed mid-September to early October.

Perennial Maintenance
Where appropriate, perennial flowers will receive a mid-season deadheading to keep the plants looking neat
and provide the opportunity for the plant to rebloom.

Annual Flower Maintenance
This service includes regularly timed services to apply water, fertilizer, and insect control (if required) to the
flowers. Flowers will be “pinched” or cut back as necessary.

 Flower Removal
Annual flowers are removed in the fall after they no longer provide an enhancement to the property or after the
first killing frost.