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Spring into Summer!


















Before  Tear Out 2

Good wall



img_1338    img_1337

img_1336    img_1335

8-16-16  shane-pic-stump-grinding-8-29-16

20160613_093331_resized_1   20160613_125022_resized

 20160613_125028_resized   20160613_125033_resized

 20160613_125040_resized   20160613_125045_resized

20160613_125059_resized   20160613_125140_resized

 20160613_130851_resized   20160613_130907_resized_1

20160613_154114   20160613_154128

IMG_0007    IMG_0009

IMG_0049    IMG_0050

IMG_0052    IMG_0053

IMG_0054    IMG_0056

20160613_154139   20160613_154211

20160613_154534   20160613_154615

20160613_154722    20160607_174318_resized

20160619_204732_resized   20160619_204843_resized

20160619_204853_resized   20160619_205227_resized

IMG_0041   IMG_0044

imagejpeg_0    IMAG0195

IMAG0210    IMAG0206

Land Clearing   IMG_20160425_103831317   IMG_20160425_103841234

IMG_20160425_203241372   IMG_20160425_203307683

IMG_20160426_091238453_HDR   IMG_20160426_165441220_HDR   IMG_20160426_165503780_HDR

IMG_1205   IMG_2546

IMG_3381   IMG_4775

IMG_4831  IMG_5398  IMG_5858

IMG_7254   IMG_7416

Bed edge   Crisp bed edge before mulching

HOA entry picture crop 6.20.16   Sunday AM

The Meadows   Avalon Place

Corporate Woods    Normandy Club

Parktowne    Settlers Walk 2

Woodman Park    017

Fall into Winter!











Snow Removal

Truck w Bobcat


photo-1  photo-2

Pool 3  Pool 4

Pool 1

img_18133  photo-1

Truck Dumping

20160930_083152    20160930_083344

   img_0193  img_0185

oberer-pots  screenshot_20161006-205454  20160930_083321

Newmark I   planter winter 2

002  087

Drake 1  Drake 2

Falls @ SW  Falls @ SW 2

Carriage trace after  20151001_105836

Sugar Ridge 2    the Falls at SW

dormant prune 1    dormant prune 2

Woodman Park 3    Woodman Park 2

Lighted wall    Sycamore Square

Borchers 2   Retaining Wall

Beautiful   Borchers

Stripes 2   Stripes 1

Floral - turf    Dayton

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

-Mattie Stepanek








IMG_0725 IMG_0723

IMG_0724    IMG_0722

manager fleet pic    Cincy applicator truck

Dayton - crew trucks from front - nic    Dayton - crew trucks from side

Dayton - dodge    dayton - truck salt box

Capture - dayton south new truck edited    2 dodges dayton with chippers

3 new trucks in cincy edited