Dave Smith

Operations Manager


It was 1993 and I was looking for summer work and was thinking to myself let’s try landscaping. Little did I know what landscaping actually was, to me it was a push mower, weed eater, and a broom (Ha!) how I was wrong. After my first summer working with Community Green I was trained on many things ranging from commercial mowers to spring time bed edging and mulching to bush trimming and so on. The following year I was promoted to foreman the youngest in the company and my passion for the industry had grown. It was there that I decided I found what I loved to do. I have had many accomplishments in the industry and meet many people along the way. Built many teams that have helped to create a culture of success and teamwork within the company.

“Life is what happens when your busy making other plans.”

  ~ John Lennon

Operations at Community Green

My role as Operations Manager is to work with our Cincinnati team on managing staff, resources and day to day scheduling and operations. We work toward achieving the best goals and running efficient for our customers and branch.

 Outside the Office

I enjoy all kinds of activities such as Frisbee golf, golf, basketball, football, hunting and fishing to hiking and camping. My wife tells me that I was a cook in my past life as she sees the enjoyment and creativity that I have while cooking.