Production procedures are key to a thriving, successful grounds management and landscape business. Here at Community Green, we utilize state of the art technology.

When a customer contacts our company for a quote, we use a software known as Go iLawn. This aids us in proper measurements of facilities and a precise overview of properties with a site map. This software allows us to color code our different measurement types and simply exports the data in excel. There are separate tabs that calculate the square footage of each measurement type which allows for a quicker process than adding the measurements together manually.

Nothing replaces an in-person review of the property but by automating the measuring process we maximize the accuracy and consistency of this important estimating step. We also provide a color coded map with our estimate illustrating the areas we measured to confirm all parties have a clear understanding of what is included.



After receiving our measurements, we input the data into our exceptional landscape management software known as Aspire. This software is very eco-friendly by replacing paperwork for field laborers and managers.

Once we input site measurements in Aspire, we are only a few clicks away from a maintenance proposal! Materials, equipment rentals or anything needed to bid are at our fingertips for any size enhancement. All data is entered once and is utilized throughout the production system. There are no typo’s or double entries from the initial customer contact, estimating, setting up payment terms, scheduling crews, payroll, invoices, enhancements, renewals to sending out customer satisfaction surveys.

Aspire provides live job costing. We can also track our crews progress on each job during the day. Best of all, we can notify our crew leader with special customer requests as they arrive on site. We can attach pictures and diagrams illustrating the task so there is no misunderstanding. Our crews can view these from their smart phones just as they log in and out of the jobs via the Aspire App.

Our crew leaders can react to emergency jobs since our Ops Managers can update their schedule any time during the day and redirect crews to meet customer needs. Changes to materials used on a particular project can be recorded on the App and costed to the job with live inputs.